Narrative Text

Narrative Text
Zenk and the Magic Pool

One day, there is a magic pool located in places forbidden. People who go there must melawati various obstacles. According to the people, that magic pool may grant all our wishes by throwing one penny. Every story must have the main character, his name is Zenk. He was a boy who used to be. However Behind its mediocre, he has a dream to become the greatest person in the world. He has good friends.

“Zenk, do you know about a magic pool people are talking about it? Asked Mia

“Oh yes, I know. Zenk Answer
“Are you going there? Ask Mia.
“no, I’m not interested in that.”
“You’re lying! impossible, if you do not want all your wish is granted!” Tutu said.
“I’m not lying.”

Then Mia Zenk left without saying goodbye. Zenk think what he should do now, because people have been affected by a magic pool that includes her best friend Mia.

“Maybe I should have done that people are not affected by the pool that stupid!” thought Zenk

The next day he met Mia and will take him along to where it is forbidden to melakasanakan purpose.

“Mia, I’m sorry about yesterday!” Zenk said.
“No problem.” Mia said.
“Do you want to go to the magic pool?” asked Zenk
“Of course.” Mia replied.

Then they prepare everything needed to go there.
After a day of walking, finally they reached the forbidden place.

“This place is very creepy forbidden, Zenk.” Said Mia.
“Yes, this place is very creepy.” Zenk said.
“Let’s go back to the house Zenk? Ask Mia.
“No, we must melawati place in.” Zenk said.
“Well Zenk.” Mia said.

They then pass the barrier with difficulty, until they are exhausted and do not feel it was already dark.

“Zenk, I’m already tired.” Mia said
“All right, here we rest.” Zenk said

They also make the fireplace. They warm the body because the air there is very piercing the skin. Then they ate and slept and went looking for a magic pool tomorrow morning.

Morning arrived, they went on again. There they met an old man who greeted them.

“Young man, what are you doing here?” asked the old grandfather
“We want to go to the magic pool and do requests.” Mia answered.
“And you my boy?” Asked the old grandfather to Zenk.
“I am also the same with her.” Zenk replied.
“What would you ask a pretty girl?” Asked Old Man.
“hmm … I want to rich.” Mia replied.
“And you young man? Asked Old Man.

Zenk want to answer questions when the old man, suddenly disappeared from their presence.

“Where the old man go?” Together they ask.

They continue the journey. There they found a large puddle of water.
They think if this magical pond.

“Mia is this magical pond?” asked Zenk
“I do not know Zenk”. Answer mia.
“I wish you a penny input into the pool and ask for your wish?”
“Ok, I’ll throw a penny into the pond.” Mia replied.

After Mia threw pennies and begged her desire, they both waited long enough.

“Why does not anything happen?” Asked Mia.
“I do not know.” Zenk replied.
“Maybe this is just a hoax. We struggled in vain to this forbidden place and pass all obstacles!” Zenk said.
They also left the pool. And Zenk had thought about something.

“How do you throw Penny, Mia?” Zenk asked.
“Five Penny, why indeed? Ask Mia.
“Oh no, should you toss a penny.” Zenk said.
“Really?” Asked Mia.
“We have to go back.” Zenk said.

They went back to the pond and throw a penny mia.

“Right, this is a magic pool Zenk.” Mia said happily.
“Good.” Zenk said with a smile.

Zenk will execute the plan he had made earlier.

“It’s my turn.” Zenk said.

Zenk threw a penny and ask his wish.

They returned home happily. On the trip to ask Mia Zenk.

“What you’re asking, Zenk?” asked Mia.
“I’m just asking, the pool will never be a magic magic forever.” Zenk replied.
“Hahaha … Really? asked Mia with a laugh.
“Of course.” Mia replied.
“Why did you do that Zenk?” asked Mia.
“So people try to get what they want with the business.” Zenk replied.
“Well, Mr. Wise, said Mia Hahahah …

They go home happy because they have completed their goal with a strong need.


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